Project: The Oily Bus

This is insane, but I’m so happy for you guys. What an awesome new adventure!!! Wish I had a bus too 😉

Sister Sister

The Oily Bus Script

Life has a weird way of putting new ideas into action. We have been so busy lately, getting ready for our best friends to move into our house, deep cleaning the yard and garden, and even buying a new 15 passenger van. We also have the baby of our sister, Alex, coming in less than two months… Just when we thought life couldn’t get crazier, God put another idea of ours into action. We will explain but it’s a long story, so to cut to the chase… We bought a bus to convert into an RV!

It all started a few months ago. Thanks to our amazing friend Pinterest, Erica had decided that she wanted to have a tiny home. But not just any tiny home; she wanted a skoolie, which is fancy talk for a school bus that has been made into an RV. At first, we all…

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