I’m Moving! (Part 2)

So sorry, I haven’t posted anything in a while! I’ve been moving things out of the apartment and into the new house over the past few days. I actually threw out my back lifting some of the boxes (oops!). Finally got wifi today so I am able to post again. Here’s some pictures of the progress!


Last time sleeping in the apartment!


Removing clothes and starting to pack!


Ahhhh! Fresh, clean, new room.


Oops! Got my thumb in the photo.


Lots to unpack in my room…

At this point in the process, I switched furniture with my younger sister so I could refurbish this furniture set. I started two piles for all my clothes, charity and trash, and started unpacking away!


Finished my closet!

It was around 11:00 at night when I finally finished my closet. My back and feet were hurting so I called it a night.

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